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The Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas

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What is the Robotic Spine Institute?

The Future of Spinal Surgery

Spine care and the treatment of spinal disorders is amidst unprecedented change. As we transition from traditional to advanced treatments, neurological and orthopedic spine surgeons must utilize technology that make the most minimally invasive procedures available to patients with back pain and neck pain considering surgery.

World renowned orthopedic surgeon and founder of The Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas, Kornelis Poelstra has helped develop some of the most impactful robotic technology in the world. Poelstra draws from experience and data to constantly improve surgical techniques with only one motive in mind, the best possible patient outcomes.

When considering an orthopedic spine surgeon in Las Vegas NV, a patient must be informed about the technology available to make sure that their spinal surgery is done with the safest and most effective techniques. In this new era, a patient is best able to manage their back or neck pain and spine problems by considering conservative treatment. If those treatments fail, minimally invasive robotically assisted spine surgery is the safest option as it allows for shorter recovery time and minimal blood loss in comparison to traditional techniques. With the data shown by the spine institute in Las Vegas Nevada, it has been proven that the health benefits of robotically assisted spine surgery significantly outweigh the methods of traditional treatment. This phenomenon has raised the bar for spine surgery providers in Las Vegas Nevada and across the globe.”

Conservative treatment for the best possible outcomes.

Las Vegas Spine Surgeon You Can Trust


14 years of treating the most complex spinal conditions.

Dr. Poelstra has quickly become one of the most dependable spine surgeons in the world as he has combined his neurologic and orthopedic training to treat spinal disorders.

The most minimally invasive Robotic platforms in the world.

As a surgeon Dr Poelstra has continually progressed the world of surgical robotics and augmented reality in spine treatment. His innovation has furthered technological developments that have become the standard of spine care in operating rooms across the globe.

We collect statistics that provide us with insight on our methods.

Dr. Poelstra has integrated data tracking in his practice as a key element to the treatment of his patients. He is able to find trends for evaluation, helping him implement the best possible practices into his surgical spine care.

We analyze our data to prove our treatment is superior.

Dr. Poelstra uses a data driven platform to analyze his surgical outcomes. By closely following those surgical outcomes he is able to implement new elements to his surgical technique that constantly evolve his philosophy of spinal care for the better.

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Kornelis Poelstra, MD PhD

Orthopedic and Neurological Spine Surgeon

Spine Doctor Las Vegas, NVSince the start of my career as a board certified Surgeon in 2006, my passion and focus has always been the relationship I develop with my patients. Every solution for a spine problem or back pain must be based on your lifestyle and your goals. My promise is to genuinely understand your issue and take action to get you back to being pain free. I am a firm believer in conservative treatment without surgery but sometimes alternatives have to be considered. If I do recommend spine surgery, I focus on the most minimally invasive techniques utilizing state of the art technology, right in the hub of innovation in Las Vegas NV.

Personalized care, optimal results

You are not just another patient to us. Every person has unique challenges that prevent them from a desired lifestyle or feeling they had prior to their spine issue.

At the Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas, it is our promise to understand your history and your goals rather than just your pain. The entire picture is more important to us than just the specific problem.



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Our statistics speak for themselves

We’re proud to share our results from our outstanding spine surgeries performed to date. Although these results show that the Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas provides some of the best spine care and treatment in the world, we are consistently evaluating and improving our methods to treat cervical disc, lumbar spine and other medical conditions in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas of Summerlin, Paradise and Henderson Nevada.


What Our Patients Are Saying


Outstanding doctor!!!! Went to my first visit and wow he was absolutely awesome. He thoroughly explained to me everything about my case and I knew the first time when I left his office I was very confident he was the right surgeon.

Sandra C.

Just had a complex cervical spine surgery performed by Dr. Poelstra. My osteoporosis certainly made the surgery more of a challenge. Dr. Poelstra devoted a lot of time and attention to my particular problems before coming up with a solution. Am also thrilled to report not only did the surgery go well, but I have experienced zero pain and am still pain free, 3 weeks post-surgery.

Wilma K.

Talk about having confidence in my surgeon and the PA! I did not even meet my specialists until right before my surgery ! I had read about Dr. Poelstra online and had every bit of confidence in him. It is not very often you meet a doctor who is very knowledgeable, explains what he is going to do and what he had to do, but he was truly concerned about me.

Johnathan H.
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