A lumbar disc herniation occurs when the soft inner core of the disc bulges out through a tear in the tougher outer layer. This can put pressure on the spinal cord or the nerves that branch off from it. Disc herniation is a common cause of low back pain and leg pain. It can occur at any age, but it is most common in middle-aged adults.

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Initial treatment for disc herniation typically involves a combination of rest, ice, heat, and over-the-counter pain medication. In some cases, physical therapy or surgery performed by a certified Las Vegas, NV spine surgeon may be necessary.

Some people with disc herniation may also go for conservative treatment. But which one is better? Let’s find out.

Spine Surgery for Lumbar Disc Herniation

Many patients prefer to take pain medication for lumbar disc herniation. However, it may not be enough for some patients. In these cases, spine surgery may be an effective option. The goal of surgery is to relieve pressure on the nerve by removing the herniated disc. In most cases, this results in immediate pain relief and improved function. Studies have shown that surgery is highly effective for lumbar disc herniation, with patients reporting excellent outcomes.

The surgery involves a small incision in the lower back through which the surgeon accesses the affected disc. Once the disc is accessed, a portion of the disc is removed and it relieves the pressure on the nerve root. In some cases, a piece of bone may also be removed in order to provide additional relief. The surgeon then closes the incision and allows the patient to begin the healing process. Surgery for lumbar disc herniation is typically successful in relieving pain and restoring function.

Conservative Treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniation

Apart from spine surgery, you can also go for conservative treatment during the initial stages of lumbar disc herniation. Conservative treatment usually includes physical therapy, exercises, and weight management.

Physical therapy can reduce pain, improve range of motion, and increase strength and flexibility by strengthening the muscles around the spine and reducing inflammation. In addition, it can improve balance and coordination. The goal of physical therapy is to help the patient return to normal activities as soon as possible. A physical therapist will design a custom treatment plan based on the specific needs of the patient.

The most common cause of lumbar disc herniation is excessive strain on the spine. This can be due to obesity, pregnancy, or lifting heavy objects. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to manage your weight and reduce the strain on your spine. For example, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly can both help to reduce weight and improve overall fitness. Additionally, avoiding activities that put excessive strain on the spine, such as lifting heavy objects or participating in contact sports, can prevent further damage. However, if pain persists or worsens, surgery may be necessary.

Therefore, the treatment depends on the stage of your lumbar disc herniation. If it’s still in its initial stage, you may choose conservative treatment. But if the pain is too much to handle, you should consult a doctor or spine surgeon in Las Vegas, NV and go for spine surgery. Contact The Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas today for your consultation.

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