Although herniated discs and muscle strain are completely different when it comes to effects and causes, they might seem similar. Here is an overview of each condition and how they are different. For all other spine related issues make sure and consult a certified spine surgeon in Summerlin South.

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What Is A Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is classified as one of the medical conditions where the annulus (exterior part) of the “rubberlike” pads or discs between the spinal cord have become so weakened that the nucleus (interior part) has started to reveal itself.

The protuberance of this nucleus causes a rift or distance between the vertebrae. This distance interferes with the normal movement of the spine and results in acute pain.

What Causes A Herniated Disc?

There are many reasons why herniated discs form. In addition to these causes, the issue can also arise due to abnormalities that are uncontrolled in the body. Here is a list of the most common causes:

1. Strain

When the body parts, particularly neuro-skeletal parts including the head, back, neck, etc., are under strain, it can lead to a herniated disc.

2. Habits

Habits that are harmful such as drinking or smoking can also lead to this distortion. This mainly occurs due to a lack of oxygen supply to the body caused by these activities.

3. Aging

As we start to get older, materials that make up the spinal discs naturally start to degenerate. This is when even slight strains can cause a disc to crack.

4. Injury

Sportsmen and sportswomen are often prone to herniated discs. In addition to that, a blow to a sensitive area or lifting heavy weights can also cause these injuries.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Herniated Disc


A slipped disc can cause one side of a person’s body to become numb or paralyzed.

Body Pain

This is the most common symptom. The body might ache due to these distortions, and this pain can even radiate into the legs.


Sensations such as tingling are also a common symptom relating to herniated discs.

What Is A Muscle Strain?

Muscle strain or a pulled muscle occurs when the tendons (tissues that connect the muscles to the bones) become torn or excessively stretched. In some cases, the muscle will become overstretched or torn.

What Causes Muscle Strain?

Muscle strain is very common and can occur any time, anywhere. Below are a few factors that can trigger muscle strain:

1. Inflexibility

When the body is inflexible, the person is more susceptible to pulling or straining a muscle.

2. Physical Activity

Unsupervised exercise or physical activity may cause muscle strain, especially for those that have very little experience.

What Are The Symptoms Of Muscle Strain?


Straining of a muscle will cause “exterior” pain, mainly in the strained or pulled area.


Swelling might occur in the muscle after the pull or strain.

Restricted Movement

When a muscle is strained the person will no longer be able to naturally move. Any excessive movement might result in the pain increasing.


A herniated disc will only occur in the spinal system. This is why the pain will usually only be experienced there. Muscle strain can occur anywhere in the body. Herniated discs are far more severe when compared to muscle strain and you should consult your local spine surgeon in Las Vegas, NV like The Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas.

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