A car accident can lead to a lot of issues. Back injuries are very common in car accidents. When you are aware of some of the back injuries you can get, you’ll be better prepared to deal with them. Here are some of the most common spinal injuries you can suffer after a car accident. If you are suffering from back pain issues post accident don’t hesitate to reach out to The Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas.

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1. Herniated Disc

This is easily one of the most common back injuries you can find yourself with after you get into an accident. A herniated disc is typically a very common back injury for various reasons. When you get into an accident, it’s not uncommon to have the discs in your back shifting. This can result in your disc popping out.

Essentially, it occurs when the inner portion of your spinal disc ends up pushing out through the outer ring that usually keeps it into place. When this happens, you can experience severe back pain. Because it’s protruding, it may even rub against your nerves and cause debilitating pain. You may experience weakness in your back too.

2. Sprains

A sprain is a common injury when you have a lot of movement. Excessive movement of soft tissue can typically result in sprains. This is not only true for the ligaments in your knee, but also for the tendons in your back. Your tendon connects your muscles to your bones. When this gets stretched too much, it can damage the ligaments and result in a sprain. A sprain is typically very painful.

You will likely experience a much more dull pain as opposed to sharp pain when you are suffering from a back sprain. It’s also a very difficult injury to diagnose because it’s not going to get picked up by an MRI.

3. Fracture

Unfortunately, if you get into a very serious accident, you could end up with a fracture in your spine. A spinal fracture is one of the more common injuries associated with a lot of high impact accidents. If you just tap another vehicle, the chances of you getting a spinal fracture are slim.

However, if you get into a high impact accident, you can easily get a fracture in your spine. If you suffer from a fracture in your back, you may hear the term broken back being thrown around. Your spine can get fractured in various areas. Each of them is serious, but they will have different recovery periods.

Overall, there is a lot that you want to be aware of when it comes to getting into any kind of accident. You want to ensure you are aware of all of the injuries that you can be faced with after getting into an accident.

The injuries discussed above are some of the more common back injuries you can find yourself with after getting into a minor or serious accident. Getting checked out soon after your accident by a specialist or spine surgeon in Henderson, NV is a good way to get the injury identified so you can treat it properly. Acting quick with back and neck injuries can save you a lot of pain and recovery time.

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