There are spinal injuries that may require surgery if an individual is going to recover. Although some injuries may not require more than rehabilitation exercises, others will require surgical intervention. If this is not done, there is the possibility that the individual could get worse. Some of these injuries are extensive, and the surgeries can be extremely dangerous. Here are five of the most common spinal injuries that may require some type of surgery after consulting a spine surgeon in North Las Vegas, NV.

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Spinal Injuries That Can Occur

There are a wide variety of incidents that may lead to a spinal injury. The most common is following to the ground. Motor vehicle accidents, diving accidents, and sports injuries may also lead to spinal complications that will mandate surgical procedures. Trampoline accidents, as well as violence the form of stab wounds or a gunshot, can also lead to spinal problems. It can be even worse if infections develop, causing an abscess within the spinal cord. If the infection is not addressed, it can lead to mobility issues.

Symptoms Of Spinal Injuries

If you have damaged your spine, there are certain symptoms to look for that may indicate a spinal injury. Breathing problems, loss of voluntary muscular movement, and muscle weakness may also occur. Bladder function may be compromised, as well as problems with bowel movements if the injury is quite extensive. If the spinal cord itself has been damaged, motor function will be impaired, and the loss of normal sexual function may also occur.

5 Most Common Spinal Injuries

Although the incidence listed above represent many of the ways spinal injuries can happen, there are a few that are extremely common. These are injuries that may result from not only injuries but also natural processes within the body. As we get older, it is possible that back pain will progressively get worse. Some of this is caused by the most common spinal injuries that can happen for a variety of reasons. The five most common spinal injuries include herniated discs, lumbar spinal stenosis, scoliosis, spinal fractures, and spinal cord compression. In each of these cases, surgery can be performed to minimize pressure, remove broken or shattered vertebrae, as well as replace discs that have been damaged.

Most Common Spinal Injuries That Lead To Surgery

If you have somehow injured your spine, spinal fusion may be necessary. This involves the fusion of at least two vertebrae, which will lead to a single immobile unit. If you have a herniated disc, you may require microdiscectomy surgery. This is typically for a lumbar herniated disc. Although technical, the pain is limited to a mild or moderate level and is often easy to complete.

If one of the discs in your spine has been damaged or shattered, it may need to be replaced. artificial disc replacement may be needed to provide pain relief. When the spine is fractured, you may also need to go through vertebroplasty surgery. Once done, a back brace will often be required after treating a vertebral compression fracture. Finally, a foraminotomy surgery may be needed if your spine is starting to narrow. Although this is not caused by an implicit injury, you may notice symptoms of this condition.

These are five of the most common reasons for getting spinal surgery. Some of them are the result of actual injuries, whereas others may occur as a result of developing other conditions. Without intervention, these conditions would progressively get worse, leading to more pain and potential mobility issues.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, speaking with your physician or consulting an orthopedic surgeon in Las Vegas, NV would be appropriate. Testing will reveal the condition of your spine which may require one of these invasive procedures.

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