There are so many reasons that you can experience middle back pain. In most cases, it is through muscle strain and overuse. There are people that can be injured by falling, or perhaps picking something up that is far too heavy. The pain is often caused by ligaments, muscles, and discs in the spine that are placed out of alignment. Determining which it is will require consulting a spine surgeon in Las Vegas, NV or physician.

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At the very least, people that have poor posture while sitting or standing may develop middle back pain over time. Myofascial pain is perhaps the most agonizing, affecting the connective tissue, as well as groups of muscle that can lead to extremely painful events in your life. There are stretches that you can do to resolve some of these issues. Here are the three best stretches for middle back pain relief.

The Symptoms Of Middle Back Pain

There are several symptoms that you should be aware of if you want to definitively know that you are suffering from middle back pain. Your ability to walk about, run, or even sit without pain, is often caused by muscular pain in this area of your body. The symptoms are often prompted through conditions like arthritis, sports injuries, car accidents, or it may simply be an inadvertent muscle strain. To resolve these issues, the following stretches will work very well at targeting this area of your body which can be strained very easily.

Cat Cow Movements

As the name indicates, you are mimicking two different animals in order to do this type of stretch. You will be on all fours, with your knees on the ground, pushing yourself upright. Looking straight ahead, your arms will be locked, and you will be ready to do this stretch. If you have ever seen stretch before, they will arch their back quite extensively. You will do the same, holding this position for several seconds, before returning to your original stance.

Seated Twist

This stretch requires you to sit on the ground. While you are sitting, you are going to twist from side to side. In some ways, it will appear as if you are doing yoga. In fact, this particular movement is used in Eastern traditions for detoxifying your organs and general relaxation. 

By keeping your spine completely straight, and twisting left and right, you can elongate your spine and reduce compression between the discs. The compression of your vertebrae is often why we experience middle back pain. As long as you maintain a perfectly straight posture, this can reduce the pain felt in the middle of your back.

Cobra Pose

In this stance, you are literally lying on the ground. On your stomach, you will then push yourself up with the palms of your hands. Your head will be kept in one position. At all times, you are looking straight ahead. As you push up, you will feel the lower to middle back regions beginning to stretch. Your feet, legs, and buttocks will remain stationary. All of the movement is focused upon your upper torso. It’s also important to take a deep breath before pushing upward. When you go back down, you will exhale, and then repeat the process.

By following these three simple stretches for reducing middle back pain, you should start to see a dramatic improvement. Whether you have had this pain for just a few days, or for several months, pain relief will likely occur. 

As with all stretches, you may want to consult with your physician or a spine surgeon near you in Las Vegas, NV to make sure it would be the best choice for your condition. Overall, stretching is a great way to reduce pain in the body, and these three stretches will target your middle back providing exceptional pain relief.

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