Spinal sclerosis is a degenerative condition that can develop on your spine. It can affect not only your nervous system but your vertebrae as well. Any type of sclerosis refers to body tissue becoming abnormally hard.

Once it does, it will be extremely resistant to changing back to the way it was. It is for this reason that spinal surgeons will often be brought to treat people with this disease.

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You will need to work with a certified spine surgeon in Las Vegas, NV that has done this before. Here is an overview of what sclerosis of the spine is and whether or not it is a treatable condition.

What Is Sclerosis Of The Spine

This is a condition that can lead to many other unwanted diseases. For example, you can develop primary and secondary tumors. Infections may appear, such as a septic process, or you may also have inflammatory arthritis as a result of this condition. Trauma will definitely be experienced by those that have spinal sclerosis. It is simply a degenerative disease that can sometimes be treatable.

What Are The Treatments For Spinal Sclerosis

There are both surgical and nonsurgical options for this condition. You can treat it, but it really doesn’t have a cure. Nonsurgical options are less invasive than surgical ones. The goal is to alleviate pain. Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment for spinal sclerosis that will make it go away. What occurs if you have this condition is the bones are going to thicken. The thickening is the result of excessive amounts of calcium deposits. This can lead to lesions that are literally made of calcium. Spinal vertebrae are often affected in this way if you are diagnosed with this condition.

Can The Condition Get Worse?

Once the calcium buildup begins, you can certainly see it get worse. These lesions will continue to absorb calcium making them bigger. If you end up with malignant lesions, these can be exceptionally bad, leading to numbing or tingling sensations. On the spine, this may eventually lead to sclerotic lesions which is a slow evolving process.

Most of these are detected when you go in for an MRI. Otherwise, you may not even know that they are there. It is a condition that is often misdiagnosed. You will need to speak with a physician that is familiar with this condition and can refer you to a surgeon. Other conditions that may manifest will include multifocal lesions, fungal infections, granulomatous, and different types of neoplasms.

When a person is diagnosed with sclerosis of the spine, it is important to be treated as soon as possible. This is often through some form of steroid treatment. If not, this can lead to problems with your fatty marrow, and endplate infarctions, which can all be minimized if you speak with a spine care provider right away. As long as they can provide an acute diagnosis of this condition, this will lead a spine surgeon in Las Vegas, NV to provide options. At the very least, have regular MRIs to make sure this condition can be identified and potentially treated.

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