Conservative Spine Treatment

Around the world, lower back pain is one of the most frequent musculoskeletal complaints. In fact, 50 percent of all working Americans have admitted to having back pain symptoms, and each year these missed work days due to back pain tally up to a total of 264 million lost days of employees being absent from work. 

If you’re someone who suffers from chronic back pain or neck pain—don’t worry. You don’t necessarily need to set up an appointment for robotic spinal surgery. Though spinal surgeries today are becoming more and more minimally invasive, there are conservative spine treatments and pain management techniques you can consider first to prevent back pain. These do not require spinal surgery. 

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When someone requires additional care to remediate their back and neck pain, conservative spine treatments like nerve block injections, medication, and physical therapy become appropriate. 

What is a Nerve Block Injection? 

A nerve block injection is one type of medication to treat back pain or interfere with nerve function so you no longer feel severe pain. A nerve block is injected directly into the space surrounding your spinal cord so you can experience relief. A nerve block is also used in strategies to make physical therapy easier. 

The Best Antidote to Back Pain: Prevention

If you’re someone who is already in the throes of back pain, prevention is no longer an option, but out of all back pain management techniques, prevention is by far the most important one. 

Eating a well-balanced diet, stretching and exercising regularly, quitting smoking, working on weight reduction, and maintaining good posture when lifting heavy objects or participating in daily tasks can be helpful in alleviating any back pain symptoms. 

What Can I Do to Prevent My Back Pain? 

In the majority of cases, back pain is mechanical in nature—meaning the spine, muscles, intervertebral discs, and nerves were disrupted in some way. In many instances, this pain is acute and gets better on its own, within a few days, or within a few weeks. 

To keep your back healthy: 

  • Stretch well before exercise
  • Avoid slouching
  • Work at comfortable heights (for example, at the computer or when sitting at desks)
  • Sit in a chair with good lumbar support
  • Wear comfortable and low-heeled shoes
  • Don’t lift objects that are too heavy
  • Ensure daily intake of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D to promote bone growth
  • Stop smoking (as this reduces blood flow to the lower spine and can increase the risk of osteoporosis)

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