Las Vegas, NV Spinal Surgeon

Do you currently suffer from spinal problems? Your spine surgeon in Las Vegas, NV may recommend that you go through some type of spinal surgery. This could lead to correcting your spine, addressing a herniated disc, or one of the many other surgeries that are quite common.

There is less risk today than there has been in decades due to modern advancements in medicine. They can quickly and efficiently restore your spine depending upon the type of problem you are facing. If you are going to have spinal surgery, there are some things that you will need to do in order to be properly prepared for this event in your life.

Different Types Of Spinal Surgery

There are quite a few different types of spinal surgery that you may have to go through. Almost 90% of most of them fall into some very common procedures. This will include a discectomy which is going to address a herniated disc that you may have in your spine. It’s going to decompress that area to relieve the pain. A laminectomy is a procedure that addresses the spinal cord, or nerves that are in your spine that are under stress or compression. Anterior cervical discectom is another procedure that involves the fusing of your spine. Finally, there is spinal decompression surgery.

How To Prepare For Spinal Surgery

Prior to your surgery, it’s important to have a very specific place to recover. You may want to occupy a different room than the one that you and your spouse share. Adjusting the bed height can also be advantageous. This will prevent you from having to make unwanted movements just to get into bed. Make sure that every walkway is clear, and that what you need is at a reachable level. All of the food that you need should be in your cupboards and refrigerator. Finally, you should also have the assistance of at least one person once the surgery is completed. This will ensure that you will never be in a position where you are unable to help yourself.

How Long Will It Take To Recover?

Spine surgery recovery time can vary depending upon the type of surgery that you have had. On average, you are going to spend a minimum of four weeks with bed rest. Your mobility is going to be compromised, especially with lumbar decompression surgery, so make sure that you have everything prepared. Prior to going in for surgery, you may also want to bring certain things with you.

This could be loose pajamas, underwear, nightgowns, and everything else that you would use at home. You will likely be spending some time in the hospital once the surgery is over. This will allow them to easily monitor your condition and look for infections if they do appear. At the very least, if you have any additional questions, they can be answered by one of the physicians at the hospital.

Going through spinal surgery does not have to be a difficult process. Most of the surgeries that people experience are going to be fast and easy. Of course, these are trained professionals that have likely done hundreds of these procedures. In some cases, your situation may require a longer time or may take longer to recover from once the process is complete.

Overall, spinal surgeries today are much more efficient than ever before. Modern technology has improved over the decades, along with the knowledge that surgeons have at their disposal to complete these procedures deftly. If you are going in for spinal surgery, you now know how to prepare for this experience. As always, be sure to consult your spine surgeon in Las Vegas, NV or elsewhere for more personal guidance and tips.

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